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Sarah Scribner

Pentax ZX-60 SLR 35mm FujiFilm 400

Mykonos - Kalamata - Arfara - Athens, Greece - Geneva, Switzerland - Martha's Vineyard, MA - SoHo, NY


bike back#bk

Sarah Scribner

the city propels
compelling you through
every step in (your) way
designing the divides
deep underwater or high atmosphere
where we aren't meant to be
is where we find signs in (((tight))) air
to look inside
the gravity between:what we want&need
some ideas are lost between cracks beneath fast feet
dollars for days
combinations of connections
to get you where you aught to be
coming up from under, columbus's circle, clouds moving past sky's scrapping
the corners
built by more than one man
corners connect
memories made on the way to where we
wonder how we arrived without
connecting to the canvas

the city each step pulling perspectives
to change the way we view what's built disappearing behind trees although mostly brick bridges abridging behind walls dividing
we are:in a symphony of sounds
that chatter underground
talk of the town
from heart to ear

\\underground everyone in silence wires2ears
connected to keep near
everyone externally

feeling internally
isolated behind eyes
only connection to be made between tracks the constant poem
lived in each day on train
of thought//

coming up from under
finding sense within:our selves listening makes
dreams feel less
a new symphony strikes
the sound of a generation
making sense of fast pace:we are

fundamental elements circle across square whatever makes you stare at the pattern

of our days
how we intercept what remains not in vain the steps we take
on the sidewalk
between the blocks
laid across town
to meet between
ideals worn with
on either side of fine lines
where soho meets canal
bridges become part of town to
lead lives onto something else
words serve no purpose
&a glance tells a story of feet
hitting the street with nothing but extremes:

it's says "just used" how could that
be true?

could you give me a swipe
passing on through the night
underground we travel

making connections at stations past patience

looking for virtue in closing

holding us open hoping it

tracks leading tracks out of places between spaces
along the bridge going through the motion as days accumulate walking the bridge that divides
not from wrong or right
but from here to there
as balloons are drawn at our feet
of parties went to last week
before crossing back
to your side of right
as what was here was wrong between the spheres
hallow in your head from late nights
crossing between lives
passing by
the bored wa(lk)(tch)

watching us watch the
hoping something will come into
the view hasn't changed
the only thing that can change is
the way:interpreted
the light over the water
divides life
the shadows beneath trees
shading our need
multiplying the degree
of certainty felt
the sky:landscape for where crowded rooms escape stars in the approaching
bike back#bk 

Weekend Waffles

Sarah Scribner

photo (29).jpg

Above is an old family recipe for waffles.

They are wonderful.

Please do not use fake maple syrup.

That would have upset my Great Aunt.

Shabbat Soup

Sarah Scribner

1 Chicken 4lbs. 

1 lbs. Carrots

4 Sweet Potatoes 

2 Large Onions 

3/4 Bunch of Celery 

3/4 lbs. Turnips

3/4 lbs. Parsnips

1/2 cup Chopped Dill

1/4 cup Parsley 

3 Pieces of Thyme 

2 Cloves of Garlic 

1 Bay Leaf 

6 Whole Peppercorns 

Course Salt To Taste 

1. Tie parsley stems together using kitchen twine. Prepare a bouquet garni: Place peppercorns, bay leaf, dill, and thyme in a 5-by-5-inch piece of cheesecloth; tie to enclose using kitchen twine.

2. In a large pot, combine parsley stems, bouquet garni and chopped carrots, celery, parsnips,onions, sweet potato, and turnips. Place in chicken, breast-side down. Add enough water to cover; season with salt. Bring to a boil over high heat; reduce to a simmer, and cook, partially covered, until chicken is cooked through, about 45 minutes. Skim any foam that rises to the top and discard.

3. Remove chicken from pot, and let stand until cool enough to handle. Skim fat from surface of soup, if desired, and discard. Remove and discard parsley stems and bouquet garni. Remove meat from bones; discard skin and bones. Shred meat into bite-size pieces, and return to pot. Cook until heated through; season with salt. Serve garnished with remaining chopped parsley or dill.

My friend Elana's mother made what she calls "Shabbat Soup" frequently during her childhood. While talking "Soup Stories" one evening she gave me the recipe. I took it to the stove. I can say with confidence that this would not disapoint the most critical chicken soup connoisseur

Cucumber Melon

Sarah Scribner

1.5 melons

6 cucumbers 

.5 pineapple

1/6th of a pound of ginger

Makes 4, 400 mL. portions of fresh pressed juice.

Cucumber melon is a hydrating combination which makes up the body of this juice which will also remind you of how bubble baths smelled in the 90's. 


Between Party Drink

Sarah Scribner

8 Sweet Potatoes

6 Gala Apples

12 Clementines

1/3 lb. of Ginger 

4 tablespoons of Chia Seeds

3 tablespoons of Cinnamon

Wash, peel and prepare ingredients for being juiced.


Add Chia Seeds and Cinnamon. 


Drink between Holiday Parties. 

Tastes like Pie.

Makes 4, 400 mL. portions of fresh pressed juice.


Sarah Scribner

Pollution by Theo part of the project "Through The Lens"

Pollution by Theo part of the project "Through The Lens"

Thoraya developed a project to discuss the content caught within the unedited  context of four corners of film shot by high school students with disposible cameras in Geneva, Switzerland. Today's youth has been self-taught to communiate in the saturated media environment which can be seen by the work they produced as well as the conversations had in the episodes of this project Thoraya filmed with Luca's Bullens.

Find the first of a series of ten of shorts below:


To view more "Through The Lens" or to reach Thoraya in regards to film production visit her site, linked through four letters which spell, here but in actuality take you there. 

Thom Scribner

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Use the form on the right to contact us.

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