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Mister Lou

Lou In Linens

Sarah Scribner

Lou lounging in  Pratesi  shot by  Abigail Wald

Lou lounging in Pratesi shot by Abigail Wald

Sometimes I fall asleep in my crate

cause I don’t

want to participate in a bubble bath

after my dinner


Or if you’re so inclined I might just

lie by your side.

Truth be told your linens are so


Part of my paws are in these

sheets when I know

I should leave.

I’ll just be here til morning.

I’ll wait til then for

you to put on my favorite

— Mister Lou

Summer Snaps

Sarah Scribner

Dear Spot,
Writing to say I wish your walker stayed in the city more this summer. It has certainly been our days, these days of summer. Tell me how have you been?
For me it's really just a long series of selfies as you can see. Showing off my best side with a wide view of what's behind:pretty girls, the sea, music festivals and squirrels I chased up trees. Lots of BBQs you know cause I'm always invited gotta show up and show off the meat on the ribs I eat before I leave with my bone. The pavement is hot so I gotta watch when I walk, the nights better on my paws. So ¡Hola! again; YOLO is to explain where I've been.
Lou's back to you - you'll be seeing more of me soon, Dude!

Al Fresco

Sarah Scribner

Lou loves to lunch.

Lou loves to lunch.

TriBeCa is tight got my leash

keeping me in line

as I walk up to The High Line, still I can not


so you dine.

West Village is a nice place to take a lunch break

they even have a bowl for me & after you say,

— Mister Lou

First Snowball

Sarah Scribner

My mom’s been horsing around lately.

Taking me upstate;

I observe the grass is green on both sides of the fence.

Look! I’m wearing my favorite sweater


this is the first snow ball of the season!

When she threw it there was nothing to retrieve.

I learned on this day, don’t go after things that just melt away.
— Mister Lou

Lou's Letter To You

Sarah Scribner


To Whom Walks Me,

blocks are just Gaps lined Forever by Macy's 21 affairs Victoria has kept a Secret by keeping the Crafters of Lens able to control sight of a corner, Daune&Reade

which is all:over


like Berries growing fast above the brick 

under Stars falls the:Buck

to fill us up before we head down past tall Dogs which are Grey:filling out this space in the Gaps that keep pushing us back to old McDonald. in the Ba(n)c(on) of America:the unconscious consumed in spaces that have become 

the:Container to self

Sincerely Yours,

Mister Lou

Our Days

Sarah Scribner

Abby on Martha's Vineyard Summer 2013

Abby on Martha's Vineyard Summer 2013

This spring hasn’t sprung, I don’t even know if it has begun.

Not the right weather for my favorite hunt, eggs! and rabbits to chase, what could be my perfect


My golden friend retrieves me from my dismay.

She barks, “When our days of summer arrive, we will jump right in.”

You know we just might, if your walker invites my walker to hang poolside.
— Mister Lou

How Well Do You Know Lou?

Sarah Scribner

What does Lou wag for?

Do you agree or disagree that Lou would wag for these things:
Do you agree or disagree that Lou would wag for these things:
Union Square Farmer's Market
Cashmere Blend Sweaters
Hank's Homemade Dog Bones
Madison Square Park Dog Run
Bath Time
Sheep At Gas Stations in Chelsea
Leather Soled Loafers
His Leash

Suggested Dress?

Sarah Scribner

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 2.34.23 AM.jpg
If you are a dog and your owner suggests that you wear a sweater, suggest that he wear a tail.
— Fran Lebowitz
My sweater is from Barney’s.

Where do people get tails from? Wait didn’t Fendi sell some fox tails a few seasons ago?

Were Frenchie tails in when I was with my litter?

So you are saying they took my tail because they predicted as a pup I would be cold?

I woulda gone to Petco had I known a cashmere blend cost so much.
— Mister Lou

Dog Bowl

Sarah Scribner

Walkers kept saying something about a Super Bowl but when my bowl was placed in my dining

space it was just the same as the night before.

I thought you’d table scrap some pigs in blankets, cause if you make em small it’s not (called) a

hot dog so that sits better with me.

Yet you ate them all in some state of remorse; we better walk we more.
— Mister Lou

Lou On Transit

Sarah Scribner

Pups are not supposed to use the MTA, but I find my way to Brooklyn best this way, to see how the shoes change as the stops have fewer to go on the subway line to my destination I remain.

One thing I suppose I should say is please put on your makeup before you are on your way.

The subway is not a clean place to be touching your face, or mine, so should we meet underground don’t suppose you can pet me, a selfie will suffice but actually let’s think twice the lighting is not nice.
— Mister Lou
Mister Lou will bark at you if you do not wash your hands before grabbing a handful of candy after riding the MTA. 

Mister Lou will bark at you if you do not wash your hands before grabbing a handful of candy after riding the MTA. 

Knew Year

Sarah Scribner

You keep saying you know, old habits should be left alone, what you knew isn’t new, so what will you

do when you know what you wish you always knew you should do?
— Mister Lou
Mister Lou when he was new (10 weeks). 

Mister Lou when he was new (10 weeks). 

Lou's Christmas List

Sarah Scribner


I keep hearing your name, with ringing bells. It reminds me of going to the trainer, which has kept me on edge for five weeks. I didn't use the tree like a hydrant so I expect that a few of those things in pretty papers I haven't torn are for me & some shoes for my walker that I can lightly choo. In case you forgot me because you spent the past month tipsy like some people I know (walking with a drunk walker, not safe!) I will make it easy for you:

1. Hank's Homemade 

2. Ware Of The Dog Sweater

3. Dogtail's Shampoo 

4. Acacia Anderson Bowl

I was really good this year,

Mister Lou

P.S. If I don't see you after midnight, I will drink your milk. Not eat your cookies, cause chocolate is not for me. 

Lou Got A Letter

Sarah Scribner

Dear Lou,

Life in the country is fun. I go in the woods. I see lots of wild things. I spent some time this summer pracicing tennis ball. Now that It is getting cold I like to stay close to the fire.

It is the little pleasures in life. Speaking of small things, some small things are scary. Such as ticks! If you came here I am sure they would bite you cause you are sweet. After they bite you you have to eat this this medicine, that is not sweet. Lucky for me my human mixed the medicine with Doggie Shotz. Now when I smell them eating Bacon and Eggs I don't have to leave my bowl and beg, cause I can taste it too! Remember that time we stole BBQ Baby Back Ribs? Now it gets mixed right in to dinner, and I don't feel sick cause I went into the trash. I can sniff out that my human makes better food than yours now, so you should come visit me soon!

How are you, what is new Lou?

Your dog for life,



Voldemort, Mister Lou's Penpal

Voldemort, Mister Lou's Penpal

Serving Lou

Sarah Scribner

You do not drink milk we could serve a cat should we entertain one.

You eat more greens than Popeye can see.

You should serve me something that serves me.
— Mister Lou
Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 9.53.57 AM.png
Thom Scribner

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