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Flashback Fitness Friday

Sarah Scribner

After Thursday nights Pure Barre there was a get together with the girls over borscht. The conversation of Jazzercise birthday parties from our youth came up, the current state of those classes didn't live up to the memories from the YouTube search. This lead us to Jane Fonda the likely workout VHS of our mothers. I gave it ago today, when Fonda says, "and eight again!" it is sure I will feel it tomorrow. 

Post Plane

Sarah Scribner

I packed my sneakers in my carry on. I could have saved the space for what I am about to say, anyways, I can't leave town without something to run away with as that would defeat the purpose of skipping town.

( It worked out because I spent sometime on uncharted routes to Runyon. This is a story for another time, keep in mind the song "Landslide" may have been summoned up by Siri. )

I have been into no shoe workouts this winter. Unless it involes, snow shoes I am prefering pilates, swimming and getting back into yoga

Planning a class helped me settle into being away, as well as set me back into my routine (not resolution) upon my return. Instead of my usual run while away, I took to seeking (untouristic) activities.

Take in the vibe of a class in another city as well as a new perspective as different studios have different styles of teaching. Chat after class with locals, you are sure to get suggestions for places to have a bite or where to find cool vintage.

The point of travel is to change your perspective, so as you expand your practice, your horizon will grow simultaneously with the change of view.  

SoulCycle Soundtrack:

Sarah Scribner

The  intructor chanting over the mic to "turn yourself on, turn it to the right, turn it up" combined with the lyrics of this song blasting on repeat summed up the mantra of the Soul Cycle experience for me. I left wondering if they are producing tracks for this "magical mystery ride".  

The Swing Method

Sarah Scribner

Is a blend of ballet, cardio, horseback riding, Pilates and yoga in a public park. Who needs a gymnasium? Benefits of this method include toned muscles thanks to tax dollars. Practitioners are utilizing government spending on parks while enjoying recreation. 

New York City can truly be your gym (as promised by adverts on subway platforms) if you add this routine to your run:

Sit on the swing and engage your core. Bring your belly button to your spine. Rise from your seat to find space between vertebrae.

Hands should hold to the chains with a bend in the elbow that is similar to playing the piano or holding the reins of a horse. There should be a tension in your arms similar to what you feel while taking a Pilates reformer class.

Begin to swing and use your arms, core and legs to propel the movement as high into the air as possible. Lean back from your core as your legs propel you forward. Enjoy the warm up as the heart gets going at a cardiovascular rate. 

After you find a momentum begin to do a retiré devant movement as you swing to work the inner thighs. Those who have practiced ballet will be familiar with this move as it is meant to strengthen the inner thigh as means to perform more complex dance moves (strengthening the inner thigh you will tone your abductors to look best in your genes on the dance floor).

For those not familiar read more about this movement here.

Lay in a reverse plank position using your arms to hold onto the chains while your core and legs are used to balance as you swing in a position as parallel to the ground as possible. Feel the stretch in your body as you swing at a lower rate. 

At the end of the reverse plank reps come to an upright position to do a leg lift to target the lower abdominals while staying in a stationary position on the swing. 

During all of the intervals continue swinging with an awareness of your breathe. Be engaged in a focused state to allow your own creativity and knowledge of resistance fitness to guide you as you use the swing  as a tool to stay fit.


Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 5.13.16 PM.png


Sarah Scribner

Balancing on one foot, pushing the other foot against pavement to glide across a distance before repeating the step.

The rhythm as you progress forward. There is a thrill to your thought process as you wonder, "could this really be exertion?"

Switching legs to work both sides. Keeping centered, acknowledging your core then kicking once again to gain momentum. Is this a fun method of squatting?  Not quite but it is transportive and when done thoughtfully can be toning.

There was a period of my life, post Munich Munchies,  preparing to move back to New York CIty from Geneva, Switzerland where I needed to shape up. Inspired by the calories some cited they burned via my google search, I took to the streets to engage in child's play.

Razor scootering is not quite something you want to be spotted doing. That being said, if you are a middle aged man, please, just don't.

It is a guilty pleasure. Not on trend such as the other two-wheeled exercise, cycling. I will admit that. I will also admit at this point in time to wearing attire from Gap Kids. Sometimes from the 90's.  

The effect is everything as we know the extremes of today's methods and workout options. When I was dedicated to this, recess, the results were evident.

I would probably not also want a sweet with my last coffee of the day if I did more of this. Taking a trotinet tour of town is sweet enough. This is an activity that leaves me inspired. 

Sometimes simple is the solution. Finding fun, going forward, being less consumed by daily concerns and just balancing. 

Roberto Razor Scooter &  I in  the Plainpalais neighborhood of Geneva, Switzerland 

Roberto Razor Scooter &  I in  the Plainpalais neighborhood of Geneva, Switzerland 

Lunch Time Lesson

Sarah Scribner

//you will reshape the days ahead by bungee &chaise w/words that align you w/precision 

best said by a ballerina sequences designed by inspired movements from the stage at the New York City Ballet

repurposed with a Chaise on 23rd  where methodology works your core//

Rachel in her studio:Chaise 23

Rachel in her studio:Chaise 23

The local was taken to 23rd in ballet inspired flats for a session of Reinvention Express. Arriving to woman chatting with candor, the midday sun shining:making the most out of a lunch break from work, to work out. 

New students listened as Rachel went over how the chair and the bungees would be used. The chair is not to be lounged in during the duration of the class.  Above I found suspension in the bungees. This changed the sensation as muscle groups were properly used, places I did not know were there become aligned to support and to build shape. Performing pikes on the chair allowed me to feel the use of the muscles from within, the layers of muscles between skin pulling into the spine.

Rachel Piskin’s choreographed workout is building upon routines from across art and fitness genres. From start to finish, you are moving through sequences as she discusses how to properly align yourself and make adjustments to your movements like only a ballerina could explain. Because of her approach, a lunch time session of Reinvention Express at Chaise 23 made the best use of my midday break and left me energized for the rest of the day. 


Core To Connect

Sarah Scribner

When horseback it is important for the rider to be as athletic as their equine partner. Using their body to help realize their rides full potential &perform with precision. Using the core to connect corners and control through the lengths of the ring will help to maintain stride. Balancing through the center line of the body in turn will balance your mount, yet keep you light in your seat. Keeping space between vertebrae creates a straight spine to allow shoulders to relax back to avoid the (over) arched back. Maintaining mindfulness of the core takes the pressure off your mount’s back by not having your glutes glued to your saddle. This will enable the animal to show off their best movement as well. This also eases the leg’s need to grip as the body will find a secure place to ride from the support stirrups &the angles the knees provide. 


Perceiving your pony’s (or horse’s) pace and the length each stride will take you to reach the the right place to jump. Not from the base, not from sideways, keeping to the center of what will help him form shape over rails. Allowing the reins to not be in the way of your ride’s neck finding the right arch. Not to be behind the vertical. Not to pull the horse in air in a way that will scare him from landing the jump and progressing down the line, out of stride.

In a line, the distance between jumps is set mathematically and you must decide, depending on how you jump in, what pace and length of stride are needed to come out best. The reaction time to realize the distance and pace you are covering is ideally rapid, to ensure fluidity in the course being judged. In effect the mind must be two places, at the present pace and where in the future, obstacles may influence the behavior of a partner without verbal language skills. 

Beyond the oxer, into the corners, the core must connect the rider and the horse to command the sand. To execute the space in the manner that the rider and trainer discussed in the plan for the course will allow the duo to show their strides.



Sarah Scribner

Yoga:Practice to follow words to progress into motion as the definitive aspect of this activity is to propel thought into motion. As words follow words&the execution of thought creates tangible results.

Without procrastination of movement from what is in mind we can define through practice.

Out west, there is a new core chick in the yoga community in Los Angeles. Laura originally of the New York State of Mind brings her talent to the coast with private sessions&mentoring of the vegan lifestyle she shares with her work. Founding KōR&Karma has allowed Laura to gain a following in Southern California's fitness&wellness community by offering donation classes at the beach to help her clients achieve her mantra, "keep it tight, keep it right!" as they work their figures for the big screen. The visible results of her practice drive those to her as they realize the luck to be learning from an up and coming force in the Los Angeles celebrity fitness scene.



Brooklyn Body

Sarah Scribner

body burn:bound to make 


believe muscles holding bones

together between tendons 

barely remembered because we are not


to resist rope until we hit spring(s)

bound for summer babes 

see reminders êt-




Sarah Scribner

                             the cardiOcookie problem

girl scouts are making sales:women are scouting the treadmill



To Find Power

Sarah Scribner

The experience of time being spent as opposed to time slipping, changes the mentality and performance of the act of exertion. For an athlete the proportion of time spent preparing&performing are different. Training leading up to performance, the idea that practice makes perfect changes. During sport, the ability to adapt creatively to the pressure of judgement defines. When time is slipping, as it does on the Power Plate, it forces focus to create a different experience for the athlete.

For users that Power Plate to stay in shape or tone up, quickly, it reminds; we are losing time to slim down thus we should fill up our plates to have power. Giving the mind a reminder to be mindful while choosing a post workout snack, contributes to healthful success. 


power plate:time counts down

makes it seem supreme 

to spending time on another machine watching the time:spent 

moving without physically going

point to point 

working our way out of everything going on:plate to find power 


Thom Scribner

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